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Our Brand

Triconuts is remarkable brand because the designs are always simple, modern and unique with very neat finishing and affordable prices so they can match perfectly with both normal and fancy styles of today’s outfits.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and inspire women to highlight their beauty and self confidence through wearing unique handmade masterpieces that express their fine taste and personality.

Who run this family

Caroline Emad is the designer behind Triconuts, a young Egyptian artist who always dreamed about making the world a better place with her passion about fashion & handmade art which is planted by her lovely teacher Ratiba and her beautiful grandmother Nadia since she was 10 years old.
Caroline started her own business in 2016, and she is aiming to provide the top quality handmade knitting garments in the Egyptian market and save a place in the international market too.
Also she wants to introduce the art of handmade into today’s lifestyle by inspiring others to express themselves through practicing knitting/crocheting too so she provides some patterns of her original designs on Raverly for international fans and local master classes for beginners in her country to help them start their own journey.