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Meet The Team

Caroline Emad

Hello! this is Caroline, the founder and designer behind Triconuts, I am studying urban design at architecture EASU. I fell in love with everything handmade since I tried knitting for the first time when I was 10 years old. I love to try new colors, materials and patterns. Actually, running Triconuts is my dream job and I am so grateful for it! Also, I love teaching others the art of knitting/crocheting so I make individual master classes for beginners.
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Areej Nabil

Hi! my name is Areej Nabil, I’m studying marketing which is one of my favorite things but my real passion is all about crochet! I’m a self-taught crocheter as I tried it when I was a little girl and then I started to improve myself. Triconuts's family is a huge part of my life and just seeing our products out there makes me fly over the moon from happiness!
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Nuha Sherif

Hi! My name is Nuha, I discovered my passion for photography 4 years ago when I first held a camera and took some shots in my senior year school trip. I could tell, me and this piece of joy are gonna have a long journey together as it reshaped my future and made me choose Radio and TV as my major in Misr international university over what I had in mind first. I got lucky and made the first photoshoot for Triconuts and my love for this brand only grew stronger since then. 
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Menna Ashraf

Hii! It's Menna Ashraf, I'm an undergraduate bioinformatician, stargazer, anime lover and a Crochetter!
I've been crochetting casually since schooldays, but first started improving my skills 3 years ago. I then knew I found an everlasting passion, and now it turned to a job that I enjoy and love a lot thanks to Triconuts and it's beautiful family.
Dreams can come true by continuous work and self motivation. 

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